47404 Dentist

When you keep the name and number of your 47404 dentist on hand, you’ll be well prepared if the need for urgent dental care should suddenly strike. At the office of Downtown Dental Spa, our dental team is experienced in the treatment of dental emergencies as well as fully equipped to provide you with state-of-the-art dental care. From the treatment of cavities and toothaches, to dental injuries and jaw pain, we are prepared to provide you with the prompt relief you deserve.

If you’re experiencing oral pain or discomfort of any kind, a good rule of thumb is to consider it a dental emergency. By scheduling the earliest available appointment, your 47404 dentist will be able to determine the precise underlying cause of your pain and intervene before it becomes any worse. The vast majority of dental conditions and injuries are best addressed sooner rather than later, so you can depend on our helpful staff to schedule you in as soon as possible. The most common source of dental pain is due to dental decay. At our office you can rest assured that the health of your smile is in the best of hands, our dentists use the most precise instruments for your treatment so that a maximal amount of healthy tooth structure can be conserved. Once treated, we’ll recommend the best way to restore your tooth to its former glory. Whether a direct filling or custom crown is required, our dentists use only the highest dental grade materials to restore the performance and appearance of your tooth, so you can expect to once again smile with confidence!

Whatever the nature of your oral pain or discomfort, your 47404 dentist is here for you when you need it most. From treatments for cavities and dental injuries, to jaw pain, as well as the repair, maintenance and replacement of dental prosthetics, you can depend on the experienced professionals at the office of Downtown Dental Spa. To schedule the soonest available appointment for urgent dental care, contact our office today.

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