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Bloomington Root Canal

Where can I get a Bloomington root canal?

Root canal therapy is the most effective method of treatment for a tooth that has been damaged by injury or decay. Your dentist at Downtown Dental Spa will ensure your maximum comfort throughout the procedure, using state of the art technology and treatment modalities. As your provider of Bloomington root canal therapy, we are committed to preventing and treating tooth infection to provide you with relief and keep your mouth healthy.

Bloomington Root Canal

When there is irreversible damage and decay to the nerve of your tooth, your dentist may recommend Bloomington root canal therapy. Underneath the outermost layers of your tooth are the core tissues referred to as the dental pulp. When your tooth is first developing, the dental pulp plays an important role, however, once your adult tooth is fully matured, it no longer requires dental pulp to remain functional. When a deep cavity or fracture causes bacteria to seep in, the dental pulp becomes infected. Increased blood flow to the dead or damage tooth pulp causes increased pressure, which can become painful over time. Although you may not experience symptoms, signs of a tooth infection include oral pain, swelling and fever. During root canal treatment, your dentist removes the damaged pulp, cleans and shapes the pulp chamber and seals the tooth with inert materials to prevent subsequent infection. If left untreated, a dental infection can spread to areas surrounding the tooth, which can lead to the tooth loss or even consequences to your overall health. Root canal therapy is ninety-five percent effective, which is a high success rate. Furthermore, a tooth that has been treated with a root canal can remain healthy throughout your life.

At Downtown Dental Spa, your provider of Bloomington root canal therapy, our goal is to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful. Our relaxed office environment and friendly staff will keep you comfortable and at ease throughout treatment. To learn more about our services, call today.


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